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About the Employers Pensions Forum

The Employers Pensions Forum (EPF) was established by GuildHE, the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) and Universities UK (UUK) in 2007 as a broad based forum for HEIs to discuss current and longer term pensions issues and to develop a strategy that will enable the HE sector to continue to offer staff access to high quality pensions schemes as an important part of the total remuneration package.

Membership of the Forum consists of representatives drawn from Vice-Chancellors, Finance Directors, HR Directors, Registrars and Chairs of Governing bodies, all with considerable experience in this area.

The EPF has two sub committees:

USS Group which focuses on the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) of which the majority of individual members can be found working in pre-92 HEIs. 

Local Government and Teachers' Schemes Group which focuses on the various Teachers’ Pension Schemes and the Local Government Pension Schemes (LGPS) operating around the UK which are mainly offered to staff working in post-92 HEIs. A list of members of the LG&TS group is attached below.

LG&TS Group

For more information on each of the schemes go to the Pension Schemes pages.

HE employers view pensions as an important and valued part of the remuneration package and the sector currently supports a number of high quality pension schemes. However, pension provision for the HE Sector is by no means immune to the external demographic and economic challenges currently faced by all pension provision across the UK.

The challenge for the sector is to ensure that schemes remain sustainable, and also affordable for employers and employees in the future. Guaranteeing sustainability will require some changes to the schemes – some changes more urgently than others. The EPF will seek to reach consensus that achieves long-term viability for the sector’s pension provision whilst reflecting a balance between the needs of employers and staff.