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Queries about your pension

The Employers Pensions Forum (EPF) is a representative body for UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) - including Universities and HE Colleges - on employer related pension matters.

We do not administer any of the schemes offered to sector employees and the EPF has no access to the pension, salary or service records of any individual who is working or has worked in a UK HEI.

  • If you are a current employee with a query relating to your own pension benefits you should first contact your HR or pensions department. For any other queries relating to an individual’s pension records or the administration or investment of the pension schemes please contact the relevant pension scheme directly. A list of the schemes can be found on the HE Sector Pension Schemes page
  • If you are unsure which pension scheme you need to contact, please get in touch with the HR department of the HEI where you work or have worked for assistance.
  • If you need further assistance with tracking down an individual’s pension please contact The Pensions Tracing Service. This is a free service provided by the Department for Work and Pensions.