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Self Administered Trusts

Self Administered Trusts
The Self Administered Trusts (SATs) are locally run pension schemes for support staff. They operate in many of the pre-92 universities, with the exception of most of the colleges of the University of London which are members of the joint scheme SAUL. 

As the SATs are administered at a local level, the types of scheme and the benefits paid to retirees, vary from institution to institution. Below is a list of HEIs with a SAT for their support staff:

•    Aberystwyth University - Aberystwyth University Pension Plan
•    Aston University - Aston University Pension Scheme
•    Bangor University - Bangor University Pension & Assurance Scheme
•    Cardiff University - Cardiff University Pension Scheme
•    Durham University - Durham University Pension Scheme
•    Keele University - Keele Superannuation Scheme
•    London Business School - London Business School Pension Scheme
•    Newcastle University - Newcastle University Retirement Benefits Plan
•    Queens University Belfast - Queens University Belfast Retirement Benefits Plan
•    Royal College of Music - Royal College of Music Pension & Assurance Scheme
•    Swansea University - Swansea University Pension Scheme
•    University of Aberdeen - University of Aberdeen Superannuation & Life Assurance Scheme
•    University of Birmingham - University of Birmingham Group Personal Pension Scheme
•    University of Bristol - University of Bristol Pension & Assurance Scheme
•    University of Cambridge - Cambridge University Assistants' Contributory Pension Scheme
•    University of Dundee - University of Dundee Superannuation and Life Assurance Scheme
•    University of Edinburgh - University of Edinburgh Staff Pension Scheme
•    University of Glasgow - University of Glasgow Pension Scheme
•    University of East Anglia - University of East Anglia Staff Superannuation Scheme
•    University of Essex - University of Essex Pension Scheme 
•    University of Exeter - Exeter Retirement Benefits Scheme
•    University of Hull - University of Hull Pension & Assurance Scheme
•    University of Leicester - University of Leicester Pension & Assurance Scheme
•    University of Liverpool - University of Liverpool Pension Fund
•    University of Leeds - University of Leeds Pension & Assurance Scheme
•    University of Manchester - University of Manchester Superannuation Scheme
•    University of Oxford - Oxford Staff Pension Scheme
•    University of Nottingham - University of Nottingham Contributory Pension & Assurance Scheme
•    University of Reading - University of Reading Pension Scheme
•    University of Sheffield - University of Sheffield Pension Scheme Flexible Retirement Plan
•    University of Southampton - University of Sussex Pension and Assurance Scheme
•    University of St Andrews - University of St Andrews Superannuation & Life Assurance Scheme
•    University of Stirling - University of Stirling Pension Scheme
•    University of Sussex - The University of Sussex Pension and Assurance Scheme 
•    University of Warwick - University of Warwick Pension Scheme
•    University of York -  University of York Pension Fund

Self Administered Trusts - strategy project report 
A report entitled Self Administered Trusts (SATs) strategy project report was prepared by the EPF in 2013 which reviews changes made to the benefits in 36 SATs and analyses each schemes funding position using data collated from annual accounts and actuarial valuations. The report includes results of a survey of HEIs on the pension scheme they offer to support staff working at their institution and sets out a number of options HEIs may wish to consider if they are considering ways to reduce the costs and associated risks of operating their SAT. Finally the report sets out some recommendations based on the reports findings that HEIs may wish to consider.

A copy of the report can be accessed here.